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Top 10 UK Debt Advice Websites

Reading this article will save you having to spend hours searching online for debt advice and tips you can trust.

You’ll find links to 10 of the best debt advice charities and organisations dedicated to helping you get on top of your money problems quickly and easily.

Many of these are charities and government funded organisations, but as with everything you’ll need to do your own due diligence before accepting advice.

1. Credit Action

This is a national money education charity since 1994.   They give debt advice,  budgeting and money saving tips, as well as publish monthly statistics on personal debt levels in the UK. Useful tools include a “spendometer”.

2. Citizens Advice Bureau

Network of local charities which gives free confidential advice on financial, money and legal issues affecting people’s lives. They also work to influence changes in legislation to benefits consumers. This site has links to your local CAB office where you can get independent advice on debt and other problems.

3. Advice Guide

This is the Citizens Advice official online advice guide. They give advice on everything including debt, tax, benefits, utility bills, housing, legal issues and money management. They will help you understand your rights and entitlements better, and help you get out of debt.

4. National Debtline

A free confidential and independent debt advice telephone service with separate offices in England & Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. They also have a useful online tool called My Money Steps which will give you a personalised plan to help you deal with your debts. They also have a dedicated business debt helpline.

5. Consumer Credit Counselling Service

A debt advice charity since 1993, they give advice on moneymanagement, debt help, bankruptcies and will help you get on one of their popular debt management plans. A useful online tool is their CCCS Debt Remedy service which provides anonymous debt counselling over the internet.

6. Money Advice Service

This is a free and independent financial advice service set up by the Government using a levy on the UK financial industry. They have a useful online tool called “Health Check” which which takes about 10 minutes and gives you free personal money advice. They also have some useful comparison tables and guides to look at.

7. Money Saving Expert

Helps people save money in all areas of life, prides itself on helping you beat the system. This site has a great forum community discussing all sorts of topics with various experts on hand to help answer your questions. They have lots of deals and vouchers to help save you money.

8. Consumer Action Group

Free forum offering advice on consumer rights issues, especially unlawful and unfair charges by banks. You need to register to get full access to all the discussion boards (it’s free) and the layout is a bit messy but there are likely lots of people in there going through similar problems to you.

9. Get Out of Debt Free

A not-for-profit website which offers alternative advice to consumers, which often goes against what the Citizens Advice and financial advisers say in general. This site argue that that the financial system is fraudulent and offer advice, tips and letter templates to for people to use when dealing with their debt.

10. This Is Money

This is the UK’s most popular financial and consumer news website, it’s run by an independent editorial team of experts. As well as analysis of news stories and predictions for the future they give debt advice and tips on on how to save money and make money. They have an excellent blog filled with the latest news and events.