Becoming a Confident Borrower

Trying to become a confident borrower is very hard. Most people were not raised up on solid personal finance techniques and information, which means that they were indirectly taught to fear credit. We get almost more nervous over seeing the mortgage broker than the person who our children see every day in class. Since when […]

Finding the Best Source for Car Loans

The Internet is a great source for a cheap car loan for many reasons. In the past, getting a great deal on a car often meant having to either wait to see the right person at a bank, or having to go directly out onto a car lot and hope the dealer had your best […]

Homeowner Loans

A homeowner loan can also be know as a home equity loan or also perhaps as a mortgage. A home equity loan can also be abbreviated to “HEL” and in this particular method of loan, the borrower will use the equity of their home as collateral. For instance, borrowers might look for this type of […]